CORAcircle offers a subscription service that allows its customers to rent a box of new and/or used clothes for a period of time chosen by the customer (between 0-12 months of the child, with a minimum product change of 3 and maximum 5 times per year), at the end of which the box must be returned. 

These conditions of use regulate the CORAcircle service. In the context of these terms and conditions, the terms "service", "our service", "boxes", "our boxes" and "subscription" mean the rental service offered by CORAcircle, which includes subscription, monthly payment, delivery and collection service as well as the washing and sanitation service. 

These rental agreement terms and conditions ("Terms") constitute a binding legal agreement between the customer ("you", "you", or "the customer") and CORAcircle ("we", "us", or "our") and set out the terms and conditions under which the customer makes a rental subscription through our website www.corahappywear.com/coracircle.

We encourage you to read the following terms and conditions and our privacy policy carefully so that you understand them before proceeding with your subscription. 

In accordance with these Terms and Conditions, by activating the subscription, the customer agrees to enter into a legal contract with CORAcircle that provides for the rental of the boxes, with the consequent payment of the monthly subscription, and their return (with all the garments that have been received) at the end of the use.

To use the CORAcircle service, the Customer declares and guarantees: (i) to be a consumer according to the provisions of art. 3 of the Consumer Code; (ii) to be of age; (iii) that the data provided by the same for the execution of the Contract are correct and true.

CORAcircle reserves the right to make changes to the Terms and Conditions if necessary, ensuring in any case that such changes are notified in advance to its customers.


 The subscription CORAcircle will continue for the period provided for up to a maximum of products size 12/18 months, or alternatively until the cancellation of the subscription by the customer.  In order to use the CORAcircle service the customer must have a valid, current and accepted method of payment which can be updated periodically. As long as the customer does not withdraw from the contract, he/she authorises CORAcircle to charge the amount for the selected box to the indicated payment method on a monthly basis. For withdrawal from the contract see section 3 ("Billing and termination").

CORAcircle offers different types of subscriptions depending on the box selected. However, each subscription has a fixed amount that will be charged monthly via the selected Payment Method (credit card). The customer can find all information regarding his subscription in the dedicated customer area by logging in to the site.

Each subscription box will contain, in addition to the rented garments, the following documents:

  • list of garments with photos (shipping note)

  • washing instructions



3.1 Billing. The subscription will be charged monthly, on the date corresponding to the first subscription, to the payment method indicated by the Customer.

3.2. Methods of payment. To use the CORAcircle service the customer must indicate a method of payment. By subscribing to the service, the customer authorises CORAcircle to charge the subscription amount monthly. If the payment fails due to the expiry of the indicated payment method, due to insufficient funds, or any other reason, the customer will receive an email and will be required to update the payment method and ensure that it can be processed. The customer remains responsible for any unpaid amounts. If there are any problems with the payment, please contact coracircle@corahappywear.comsegnalando.

3.3 Cancellation. The customer can cancel the subscription at any time, but if you cancel after 14 days before the next billing, you will still be charged. If you do not want to pay for an additional month without using the box, we recommend that you withdraw at least 14 days before the next billing and return the package immediately. To cancel, the customer must go to his customer area and follow the instructions. Proceeding with the cancellation of the contract, the customer has also the duty to schedule the collection of the box to be returned to CORAcircle.  

The cancellation will take place only after the return of the last package in the possession of the customer, if the package is not returned, the monthly charge will continue until the return of the products.


 4.1 Customer rights. The customer is entitled to receive the selected box containing the number of garments indicated. You are entitled to receive garments in good condition, sanitised through our cleaning process. Please note, however, that the "used boxes" contain garments that have already been used by other customers. Consequently, although the garments remain in good condition and are perfectly sanitised, they may show slight signs of wear. 

The customer is also entitled to the delivery of the goods within the specified time and to the service of collecting the box at the address indicated in the dedicated area, without being charged for shipping costs. Finally, the customer has the right to the cancellation of the contract through the modalities provided (see point 3.3 - "Cancellation")

It is the responsibility of CORAcircle to provide the customer with goods that satisfy his rights. If you have any doubts about any clause of this agreement, please contact us by e-mail at coracircle@corahappywear.com.

4.2 Obligations of the customer. The customer is responsible for the CORAcircle products throughout the rental period. The customer agrees to keep the CORAcircle products clean and in good condition and agrees to take care of them, using them in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and any other instructions provided by CORAcircle. In particular, the customer is advised to wash the products according to the instructions on the CORAcircle package and on the label of each individual item. In case of persistent stains, CORAcircle will take care of the washing process. In case of damage to the garments, CORAcircle reserves the right to evaluate the extent of the damage. If the damage is particularly significant and/or irreparable CORAcircle may charge the price of the garment to the customer.

The customer is obliged not to sell or transfer the products of CORAcircle to third parties and to return them at the end of the service.  


Delivery is handled by the service chosen by CORAcircle and shipping costs are not charged to the customer.

To ensure you will receive your box, please check that the delivery address on your account is correct. To update a delivery address, please do so in the customer area. Please update your delivery address at least 7 days before your next rental. If the customer does not update his delivery address within this time period, the delivery may go to his old address, for which CORAcircle is not responsible.


The return of the box must be scheduled in the dedicated customer area. The courier will collect the goods directly at the address indicated by the customer and the shipping costs are charged to CORAcircle. The customer is obliged to return all CORAcircle products in the box he rented, regardless of their condition. In case of stained and/or damaged products, see section 4 ("Rights and Obligations of the Customer"). If one or more items are not returned, CORAcircle reserves the right to charge the price of these items. If you cancel the contract but do not schedule the return of the box, you will be contacted by e-mail receiving a return notification. If after 7 days of the notification you still do not return the box, CORAcircle reserves the right to charge you the total value of the individual items minus the subscription amount you have already paid.

We recommend that you keep the box with which we deliver the garments for return.


We invite you to consult our Privacy Policy (https://corahappywear.com/it/termini-e-condizioni) and our Cookies and Internet Advertising policies that regulate your use of the CORAcircle Services, to understand our practices.


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Provided you comply with these Terms and Conditions of Use and pay the applicable fee, CORAcircle grants you the right to limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable access to and personal or commercial use of the CORAcircle services. Any commercial use of the CORAcircle Services must be pre-approved by CORA and must be exercised in accordance with CORAcircle's guidelines and directives. In particular, the sales price may not be changed from what has been indicated by CORAcircle. In this case, CORAcircle reserves the right not to accept the rental order. All rights not expressly granted by these Terms of Use remain in the hands of CORAcircle. You may not frame or use framing techniques to appropriate any trademark, logo, or other proprietary information (including images, text, page settings, or format) of CORAcircle without our express written consent. You may not use any meta tags or any other "hidden text" using CORAcircle's name or trademarks without our express written consent. You must not misuse the services. You may use the CORAcircle services only to the extent permitted by law. Violation of these Terms of Use will result in revocation of the authorization or license issued by CORAcircle.


If you use CORAcircle's Services, you are required to keep your customer area and password confidential and to control access to your computer, and you agree, to the extent permitted by applicable law, to be held responsible for all activities that occur under your account and password. You agree to take all necessary precautions to ensure that your password remains secure and confidential and you agree to inform us immediately if you have any reason to believe that any third party has knowledge of your password, or if your password is, or is likely to be, used in an unauthorised manner. You are responsible for ensuring that the information you provide to us is correct and complete and for notifying us immediately of any changes to the information you have provided to us. The customer can access and update most of the information provided in the customer area of the website. We reserve the right to deny you access to the Site and/or the CORAcircle Services, to suspend or terminate an account, to remove or edit content on the Site at our discretion, if you violate any applicable law, these Terms of Use or applicable guidelines or policies.


For any clarification or complaint, you may contact CORAcircle by email at coracircle@corahappywear.com.


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