It's my first baby and I want everything new! 

You should rent because:

Absolute softness on your baby's skin 

Try it to believe it. Our clothes are loved by our customers because one of our focuses when researching fabrics for our clothes is softness on the skin. So, a pampering for young and old alike.

Save time  

We select the products you really need when your baby arrives in the family. You'll have more time for your baby.

Manage your space  

With the arrival of a new little family member, space in the home is at a premium. By managing the various wardrobe changes with us, you won't have to worry about where to collect the clothes you no longer use and you won't have to worry about selling them or giving them to the right person. We simply collect the parcel of products that are no longer in use.

Save the planet  

Our service aims to reduce the number of new items that need to be produced, helping to decrease the amount of textiles that goes to landfill. A way to lower the polluting impact of the fashion industry.


The monthly subscription saves you up to 70% of the value you would spend on new, eco-friendly premium products.