What is CORAcircle?

CORAcircle is a circular economy project created to support both the environment and families. Instead of buying clothes for your newborn baby and then not knowing how to get rid of them once your little one has grown up, with CORAcircle you have the possibility of renting a box of clothes that you can easily send back when you will no longer use them.

How does our service work?

The CORAcircle service is very simple! Register in your dedicated area, choose the box you prefer and confirm your subscription. After 3 months or when the season changes, you can proceed to book the collection of the parcel you are using. We will collect the goods directly from your home and send you your next parcel.

Each month you will be charged for the package you have selected. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

For details of the subscription conditions read the terms and conditions by click here.

What are the benefits of CORAcircle?

The benefits of joining CORAcircle are numerous. Thanks to our service you can save time, space and money. Moreover, you will help saving the planet by allowing you to put your clothes back into circulation instead of throwing them away. If you want to find out more,  click here

How much does the subscription cost?

The price of our subscription varies according to the box selected. You can choose from several options to suit your needs. Click here to see the different boxes and their prices. 

Can I pre-order a box?

Of course you can! If you are a new mother and would like to have the box at a specific time or would like to gift the box to someone on a specific date, please contact us at 

How long can I keep the box?

If you subscribe, you can keep the box for as long as you need it. When the clothes become too small for your child or you feel  a change of season, you can return it to us and/or choose another one. 


Subscription, orders and shipping 

  Once I have ordered my box, how long does it take for it to arrive?

Just a few days! The products will be delivered by the courier service Express4you. Shipments are made from Monday to Friday, excluding national holidays. From the moment you place your order, the technical delivery time of your package is around 48/72 hours.

How do I know if my parcel has been dispatched? 

When your package has been shipped, you will receive an email. 

How can I cancel my subscription? 

To cancel your subscription, simply go to your dedicated area and proceed with your cancellation up to 7 days before your monthly payment. 

How do I return my box?

To send back your box, you will have to go to your dedicated area and schedule the collection. Simply indicate the day, time and address, and we'll take care of the rest! The courier will pick it up for you from your house. 

Do I have to pay for shipping?

No, you will not be charged for the shipping costs. You don't have to pay the shipping neither for ordering the box nor for the collecting service.  


Boxes and Clothes 

 How many and which items are in the boxes? 

The number of items varies according to the box selected. 

  • Box Next to Skin: 5 items

  • Box Essential: 13 items

  • Box Wash Less: 17 items 

  • Box Fashionista: 25 items 

The boxes include a selection of bodysuits, t-shirts, rompers and more. We recommend that you take a look at our boxes and read the description to see which one is best for your needs.

Are all the items in my box eco-friendly? 

Yes! All our CORA happywear garments are eco-friendly, made from natural materials such as eucalyptus fibre, beech fibre and organic cotton. If you want to find out more about our materials and their characteristics click here.

Do the garments irritate my baby's skin?

Absolutely not! All CORA happywear garments are anti-allergenic and anti-bacterial: they do not irritate the skin. Moreover, they are extremely soft. The best for your baby.

Do I have to wash the clothes before using them for the first time?

No, you don't have to, because all our clothes are washed and perfectly sanitised before they arrive at your home!

How do I wash the clothes?

We recommend that you follow the washing instructions on the label. If you would like to know how to wash your clothes in a more eco-friendly way and get some valuable advice, please click here.

What do I do if a garment gets stained?

If your garment gets stained, you can try to clean it by following our instructions on specific stains hereIf the stain remains, don't worry! We will take care of it, thanks to our garment washing and sanitising process.

What do I do if I lose an item?

Unfortunately, if you lose an item, you will have to pay the value of the individual garment. 

What do I do if I lose the entire box?

Unfortunately, if you lose the box, you will have to pay the value of the individual garments minus the cost of the subscription. If the box is lost by the carrier, you will not be charged. 

How many times a year can I change the box?

We recommend changing the box when your child grows up and needs a larger size, or when you want to make a seasonal change. Boxes can be changed a minimum of 3 times a year and a maximum of 5.



 How are the clothes sanitised?

All the clothes in the CORAcircle boxes are professionally washed and sanitised at the laundry with which we collaborate. We have carried out numerous tests and trials to ensure that we can guarantee you the best possible result.

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