Today CORA presents a revolutionary circular economy project, the first and only one in the world dedicated to families: CORAcircle. 

What is CORAcircle?

CORAcircle is a circular economy project designed to help families and preserve the environment

The concept is simple and allows you to rent clothes - all ethically produced and made of environmentally friendly materials - for your baby boy or girl, from birth to one years old.

Instead of you buying the clothes, we take care of renting them out to you. Once they have been used, the clothes are reconditioned and sanitised, and then put back into circulation. When your little one needs an extra size or a change of season, we send you a new parcel and you return the previous one to us. 

Each parcel contains an optimal selection of items, so you get exactly what you need and love. Our clothing is made entirely of high-quality, hypoallergenic fabrics: tencel-eucalyptus, beech fibre, bamboo, organic cotton.  

Once you have subscribed, you will have access to our packages through the CORA e-commerce site, and you will be able to choose the selection that suits you best. When you need to change your clothing (e.g. for the next size up, a holiday or a change of season) we'll send you a new selection of clothes and once you've received the new items, simply return the ones you've finished using. All automated on our website.

Each box will be a mixture of new  or new and used items, but all of them are going to be sanitised and in excellent condition.  

Throughout the month of OCTOBER, if you sign up for one of our CORAcircle subscriptions - you can get a free T-shirt made of super-soft eucalyptus fibre to test the softness we give your newborn baby on your skin. 

Odoo • Testo e immagine

Why make products accessible to everyone?  

An important step towards innovation and sustainability: CORAcircle is the first organic clothing rental project for infants from 0 to 12 months.

The service stems from the idea of helping families to organise themselves in the best possible way for their baby's needs, with a pre-packaged selection of the clothes they need (boy, girl, neutral), giving them the chance to enjoy eco-sustainable clothing at an affordable price, saving space and time and helping to protect the planet. It is now a fact that textile waste is a phenomenon that should not be overlooked. In 2020 alone, Germany created 500 million tonnes of textile waste.

The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world and it’s increasingly under scrutiny. Our service aims to reduce the number of new items that need to be produced, helping to decrease the amount of textiles that goes to landfill.

CORAcircle is a sustainable, cost-effective, time- and space-saving solution for parents, helping to reduce the huge amount of 'stuff' that accumulates around a young child.

Be part of the change: Be Corageous. Be Circular.


CORA happywear 

Since 2014, CORA happywear has been developing innovative and eco-friendly products, making production innovation its hallmark. 

The products are all of high quality and produced in Europe. CORA happywear's goal is to work towards reducing the damage caused by the textile industry, selecting only precise partners fostering our same ethical values, and materials that protect our children's skin from harmful chemicals. 

First brand in Europe to create in 2015 baby bodysuits in eucalyptus fibre (a unique fibre for its characteristics: antibacterial, super soft, thermal). In 2018, it leaves another mark in the world of babywear, with the creation of the innovative "four way stretch" bodysuit. This is our iconic bodysuit that grows with the baby and accompanies him for two years: a doubly sustainable product that encapsulates CORA's promises of respect for the environment and savings for families.